With the support of the Ministry of Economy and the Istanbul Exporters’ Association, buyers from 45 countries with an import volume of 4 billion dollars participated in the exhibition.It is mainly used in USA, Germany, England, France, Canada, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, 4 billion dollars from 45 countries, including Azerbaijan, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Palestine, Malaysia, India, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Panama, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Lebanon and Tunisia 500 importer firms have contributed to the fuara. With the Buyers Delegation B2B Matching Program, participating companies realized over 800 job interviews using online dating system.


Ricardo Renzo Rojas, the son of Raul Rojas, who is known as the sugar king from Wayki en Golosinas SAC, who opened South American gates for the first time in the Turkish food sector, is a major producer of the Peruvian candy market and has come together in bilateral business talks with Turkish sugar producers. SHS, a distributor of international brands in India, was also one of the important names hosted at CNR Food Istanbul.

The Balsharaf Group, which supplies 16,000 chain stores in Saudi Arabia with a chain store in the Middle East, and CNR Food Istanbul, the world’s most important food buyer, such as Tajero LLC, which distributes the products of companies such as Unilever, Ferrero, Ülker, Doğuş, Beypiliç to 5,000 points came to buy. Alamar Center company, which has 25 supermarket operations in Sudan, has signed a representation agreement with Sudan for Cosby.